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If you're interested in taking advantage of the fantastic opportunity the internet provides to earn extra income you're in the right place !

Never before has it been as easy to launch and profit from your own online money making ventures. Billions are spent on the internet every year and this figure will continue to grow for a long time to come. You've made a wise decision to grab a piece of the action ! The information and resources on this website will help get you setup with everything you need to succeed.            Bookmark this page , so you can easily return here when you need to.

OK. Lets get you started .

If you're running or thinking of starting an online business there are a few things you'll definately need :

1. Your own domain name and webhosting .
Domain Names & Web Hosting : what do you need ? ... READ HERE

2. Products to sell . You can sell your own , convert private label rights (PLR) products to your own , dropshipping , affiliate products.  Private Label Rights guide ... READ HERE.  Using the Public Domain guide ... READ HERE

3. You need an online payment processor to accept payments from your customers. Paypal is very popular and easy to integrate into your website to accept customer payments.

4. An autoresponder / mailing list service, to build a customer / subscriber list you can email with new offers etc.. Awebers probably the best around.

5. You need to drive traffic (customers) to your website
. You need to advertise and promote your website and products. 10 Website Traffic Generation Audios ... LISTEN HERE.
You'll want to learn about search engines , Google Adwords , listbuilding , running your own affiliate program.

Probably the best ways to get customers to your website are :

- Search engines : Google , Yahoo , MSN . See here for information on how to get your sites into the search engines and on to the 1st page , where you want them to be.

- Adwords : Google Adwords ad service will show your adverts on Google search pages and on other peoples websites. See here for more information on using Adwords. Read this Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing : A Guide

- Building a mailing list so you can mail subscribers with your offers . See here for more information .

- Affiliates : Sell digital information products as a Clickbank affiliate .... Watch these Clickbank Videos .
You can also start your own affiliate program and get others to promote your products for a commision.

Follow the steps above and READ and learn as much as you can about search engine optimization , listbuilding , copywriting and marketing.

There are loads of great ebooks and reports out there. Buy what you can afford and when you come across advice that you reckon will benefit your business ACT ON IT.

The more you read the more you'll learn and progress , if you TAKE ACTION .

Please visit http://www.derekpryde.com for loads more information and great resources to help you with building your websites , adding audio & video to them , promoting your websites , and much more .

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